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Are you being plagued by your juvenile record in Texas? As a nationally recognized record clearing law firm, we can represent you and possibly get your juvenile record sealed in Texas.

The repercussions of having a past juvenile conviction can live with you for a long time because of the prevalence of background checks conducted by employers, landlords and others. These things can cause you lost opportunities as well as humiliate you. Thank goodness Texas law does allow for certain juvenile records to be sealed.

The Sealing of Juvenile Records- TX Law

Texas Family Code Section 58.256 provides that under certain circumstances you may apply to have your juvenile record sealed by a Texas court and removed from the criminal history database. You may have your record sealed if you meet the following requirements:

  • It has been one year since you were discharged
  • You did not receive a determinate sentence in a juvenile penitentiary
  • You are not currently registered as a sex offender
  • You were not tried as an adult
  • There are no pending proceedings against you
  • Since your discharge you have not been convicted of a felony, a misdemeanor of moral turpitude, or been adjudicated of delinquent conduct

Moreover, if you were adjudicated as having engaged in felony level conduct your records will only be sealed if you are 17, were not transferred from a juvenile court to a criminal court for prosecution, the records have not been used in the punishment phase of a criminal proceeding, and that you have not been convicted of felony level conduct since turning 17.

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Sealing your Juvenile Record in TX - The Process

Once we take your case, we start working on it promptly. We will draft and file your application to seal your juvenile record. We will respond to any opposition from the prosecution. Our attorneys will also ardently represent your interests at a hearing. All this work is included into one flat fee. This fee can be broken up into payments if you would like We pride ourselves at doing the best work with the lowest prices, so if you find a competitor’s ad or offer for less please bring show it to us so we can match it.

Juvenile record sealing applications can take about 9 to 12 months to process in Texas, depending upon the factors of your case and if the court is overloaded. You can keep yourself apprised about what is going on in your case by logging into our exclusive online case management system.

The value of the service we provide is in a class by itself. Reap the benefit of our years of experience and unparalleled customer service by signing on with us to handle your juvenile record sealing case in Texas.

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Texas Juvenile Record Sealing

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