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Is your Arizona juvenile record preoccupying you? Are you worried that someone might find out about it and cause you a missed opportunity or embarrassment? Our many years of experience doing record clearing work coupled with our award-winning customer service make us a great choice to handle having your case set aside. Our qualified team at can zealously help you get your juvenile record set aside in Arizona.

Arizona juvenile records can trouble you for years after the offense was committed and your time was completed. You may still be suffering from your past juvenile record because so many employers and other entities utilize background checks. The great news is that Arizona law allows for certain juvenile convictions to be set aside.

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Arizona law, specifically Arizona Revised Statute section 8-348, provides for the setting aside of a juvenile adjudication. If the adjudication is set aside, you are dismissed from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the adjudication. You may also be able to seal your juvenile record, but sealing a juvenile record does not release you from all penalties and disabilities. Therefore, you would still have to state you are convicted, unless you have it set aside also. In order to get the maximum amount of relief, you should have your juvenile conviction set aside and sealed.

In order to set aside your Arizona Juvenile conviction, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • Have been adjudicated delinquent or incorrigible by the juvenile court, and
  • Have either fulfilled the conditions of probation or has been discharged from juvenile corrections

A person is not eligible if:

  • They have an adult conviction
  • Charges are pending for a criminal matter
  • The person did not successfully complete probation or has not been successfully discharged from juvenile corrections
  • Restitution and/or all fines has not been paid
  • The offense involved serious physical injury, involved the use/exhibition of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, a sexual offense under title 13 of chapter 14, a civil traffic violation, DUI/DWI (28-1381, 28-1382, or 128-1383), or driving on a suspended license (28-3473)

Juvenile record set aside cases in Arizona can take up to 6 months depending on how complicated your case is and how busy the court may be. We have done more than 1,000 Arizona cases and know how to get your juvenile record set aside as quickly as possible. We have a flat rate that comprises all costs. In order to get your juvenile record set aside we will research, create and file the essential motions, answer any written or oral opposition from the prosecuting attorney, and have one of our skilled attorneys fervently advocate for you in court.

The majority of the time you will not have to go to court yourself. You can track the day-by-day status of your case online using our unique and cutting edge case management system.

We are so confident that you will find the best price for the level of service that we provide here on that we guarantee it with a low-price guarantee. Find a quote or ad from our competition and we will match it.

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Arizona Juvenile Set Aside

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